Pop-up Ping Pong


Pop-up Ping Pong creates custom pingpong tables and playgrounds that let you experience this classic game on another level. Bringing people together; young & old, drunk & sober, skilled & clumsy, all in the name of fun and competition. An easy way to playfully connect people at events or in the office.

Try our round table for a 1v1v1v1, or test your luck on the Tripong. Take a ride in the Pingpong Ferris wheel, or simply stick to the Classic for some tournament action. Want something customised to your brand? We’ve got you covered.

All the tables are designed and build locally in a small workshop in Amsterdam, where we make sure to work with sustainable materials.


We offer a variety of pingpong tables and experiences for sale and rent:


A great way to guarantee hours of play for the guests of your event! We offer different ‘playgrounds’ for rent. No matter the size, we have the right package available with a variety of tables, decor, lighting & interactive entertainers.


Want to let people experience the playful side of your brand? Then a branded table might work for you! For temporary use or permanent installation, we’ll make it happen together.


Spotted a concept on our Instagram that you like? Want to discuss the possibilities of your own custom table? We have the capabilities in house to make any design happen.


Time to spice up those Friday afternoon matches in the office. We have a wide variety of tournament packages for rent, to crown the true employee of the month. Or choose a more permanent increase of playfulness to improve the workplace creativity, by contacting us for options in your interior.


This is the current selection of tables available for sale and rent, new concepts are released on our Instagram every month. Let us know in the contact form which one you would like to play!



152 x 274 cm

Is a location ever complete if it doesn't have a classic pingpong table? Everyone will join once the ball gets bouncing.



280 x 310 cm

Always the third wheel at the party? No more! Discover new tactics on this 3-player pingpong table.



235 x 235 cm

If you don’t like the square lifestyle, try the round. Do you work together, or is it every player for himself? Perfect for large groups.



280 x 200 cm

Diagonal play with maximum spin effect, perfect for that corner in the office that you just don’t know how to fill.



15 x 274 cm

For the true competitors, try to keep the ball in play as long as possible. A very addicting table, who beats the record?


Want to see what we can do for you? Send us a message and we’ll make it happen. You're welcome to drop by the office for a coffee and try the tables for yourself!